Real-wood cladding

Our team has used real-wood cladding widely this year. We’ve integrated wood into all sorts of exterior design concepts, using it on everything from accent walls to full façades. Thermally modified wood cladding in particular is trending this year.
This building material is a smart option for achieving a rustic feel without sacrificing durability and sustainability. Thermally modified wood has been treated with heat to remove organic compounds that make wood susceptible to moisture, insects, and mold. It’s virtually life-proof and has a lifetime of at least 25 years or longer, so it’s a great investment, too.

Stone-and-pavers walkways

The perfect balance of organic and modern, stone-and-pavers walkways have been popular this year — just as we predicted. This simple yet impactful design choice looks great with just about any home and can be done in many color palettes. It’s an easy update, low-maintenance, and beautiful. To take your stone-and-paver walkway to the next level, add built-in landscape lighting, like in the design above.

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