Innovative Seating

Innovative seating has taken the design world by storm. Schools, offices, and healthcare facilities have seen the benefits of offering a wide range of seating options so people can choose the seating that is the best fit for them. Just as our bodies are all different, so are the seating arrangements that feel the best for each individual People are increasingly demanding more physical spaces for rest and relaxation as the environment can play a large role in influencing mood, creating or reducing stress, and impacting behavior. Providing spaces that offer options for patients no matter their size or shape makes them feel more comfortable.

Elements of Nature

Based on people’s natural love of, and attraction to, living things, biophilic design seeks to incorporate natural elements in the built environment. Whether through actual living elements like potted plants and views of a nearby park or through the use of grounding, earthy colors, and art that imitates nature, the very proximity to nature and natural elements can have positive effects on our mental health and well being.

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