Custom Acoustic Paneling

In a healthcare facility, noise control is paramount, but reducing noise in open areas can be quite a challenge. Any material that is used to tamper the effects of surrounding noise must be easy to clean as well as aesthetically pleasing. One way to control noise is to integrate a wall-cladding system, like this one from Arktura, that features grooved panels to help control noise. Installed in a pediatric neurology clinic, these custom acoustic panels reduce the sounds of play and conversation as children and their parents wait for their appointments.

Vibrant Colors

An integral part of healthcare interior design is choosing a color palette that aligns with the healthcare facility’s needs. Pediatric offices generally choose bright and vibrant colors, like this children’s hospital waiting room that chose to energize the design with bright turquoise, brick red, and sunflower yellow. This creates a friendly and energetic atmosphere and brightens even a dreary day.

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