Dynamic Color and Texture

There is little that is more eye catching than a bold color. Color has a powerful effect on emotions, and the color red is seen as passionate, powerful, and something that will drive people forward. This commercial building makes good use of this color by outfitting the central tower in bold red architectural panels. The smooth panels contrast the corrugated look of the panels on either side, calling even more attention to the color in the center and making this building stand out from any competition.

The Angle of Design

This semi-rustic building calls to mind several different styles of architecture at once by blending different materials and designs in one façade. The wood-style beams call to mind steel girders, yet have a pleasingly rustic finish to them that blends well with the natural stone on the lower half. The color of the horizontal lap siding plays nicely with both the wood stain and the natural stone to create a design that appears to be harmonious with nature. The angles of the beams and of the window above help bring a lot of dimension to the building as a whole, making it appear to take up more space than it actually does.

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