Exterior paint colors with blue and green undertones

As predicted earlier this year, paint colors with blue and green undertones have remained a popular and trending choice for homeowners. Colors with undertones in blues and greens — instead of true blues and greens — allow a bit more flexibility when picking other design elements, like stone accents and fixtures.
As we look ahead, we’re planning continued use of these colors on into next year. See our favorite Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2023 for specific paint color recommendations and ideas.

Smaller homes

This year we’ve seen an uptick in smaller home design requests. From cottages to cabins to cute beachside bungalows, our clients are loving cozy dwellings. Small homes can certainly deliver a big impact, and we’ve enjoyed working with homeowners this year to do so.
The ability to incorporate outdoor living spaces on a small home (see above and below) can greatly increase functional square footage for a family. Again, being able to visualize the potential of a home is key. If you have big plans for a small home, but aren’t sure how to bring it all to life, we can help!

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